Allow customers to complete transactions securely to their mobile phone without exposing credit card details across the internet.
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Secure online payments from a smartphone 

What is Online EFTPOS

Online EFTPOS lets you to pay online with your smart phone directly from your bank app. Not only is
it a safe and easy way to pay online, it's also one of the most secure account-to-account payment
methods available today - you never need to expose your banking credentials to complete a payment.

How it works
To pay, you simply select your bank and enter your mobile number, then approve a payment notification within your bank app. That's it.

Currently available to ANZ, ASB, BNZ, Westpac and The Co-operative Bank customers. 

I don't bank with one of the above banks - when can I use Online EFTPOS?
The Online EFTPOS team is currently working to bring on other banks. They will happily pass on your feedback if you drop them an
email at to let them know who you bank with and how much you’d love to see Online EFTPOS! If you feel generous
to contact your bank directly, it’ll help them even more.

I don't have the relevant bank app on my phone. Where can I get it?
Look for ANZ, ASB, BNZ, "Westpac One",Cooperative bank apps on the Google Play Store (Android) or iTunes App Store (iPhone).

What do I do before I start using Online EFTPOS?

If you use your bank app regularly, you shouldn’t need to do anything specific to start paying with Online EFTPOS. If you have recently
installed your bank app, or haven’t used it regularly, please check a few things before you start:
For ANZ Bank:
To use Online EFTPOS with ANZ, you’ll need to:
1.       Have an eligible ANZ everyday account (e.g. a Go, Jumpstart or Freedom) or an ANZ Flexible Home Loan account with enough funds for the purchase
2.       Have your mobile number registered with ANZ OnlineCode. This mobile number can’t be registered to another ANZ customer. You can register  for OnlineCode and check your preferences in ANZ Internet Banking under ‘Your settings’
3.       Have the latest version of the ANZ goMoney app on your mobile device. Visit the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to update or download the app.

For ASB Bank:
1.       Check you have the latest version of the ASB Mobile App.
2.       Turn on "Receive payment requests" in your Settings (this is under Online EFTPOS).
3.       Ensure you are Netcode verified within the ASB Mobile banking app.

For BNZ:
To approve your first Online EFTPOS payment with BNZ, you’ll need:
1.       A transactional account with BNZ with enough funds for the purchase (e.g. YouMoney)
2.       Your BNZ access number and password:
Access number: You can find your 9-digit access number in the BNZ app, under ‘Settings’.
You can also find it on the back of your BNZ EFTPOS, debit, or credit card.
Password: If you’ve forgotten your BNZ Internet Banking password, you can reset it in the BNZ app under ‘Settings’. You can also reset
it from the BNZ webpage login screen. Just select ‘Forgot your password?’.
3.       A mobile device with the latest version of the BNZ appFor Westpac:
1.       Check you have the latest version of the Westpac One app.
2.       Ensure you have a Westpac Everyday account, Simple Saver or Choices Everyday account.
3.       Ensure your mobile number is registered and authenticated.

For The Co-operative Bank:
You’re automatically set up on The Co-operative Bank Mobile App.

I didn't receive a payment request in my banking app.
There might be a few reasons why you didn’t receive a payment request in your banking app.
1)      Please allow up to 40 secs for a notification to arrive into your bank app. You can refresh the app or log out and log in to make sure
that the app has refreshed.
2)      Please double-check that you have used the mobile phone number that is registered against your bank app.
3)      If the number is correct but no payment request is received after 40 secs, please check you have enabled the relevant settings on
your bank app. If you're unsure of which settings will allow Online EFTPOS payments, we would recommend reaching out to your bank
for assistance.

How long do I have to approve my payment?
You have four minutes from the time of sending a payment request to log into your bank app to approve the transaction.

How secure is it?
Online EFTPOS is the most secure payment method today because Online EFTPOS doesn’t ask for your payment and bank credentials and you can only approve each payment via your bank app.

What’s the most I can spend using Online EFTPOS?
You can use Online EFTPOS as many times as you want within your daily limit. The daily limit may vary per bank and per customer. If you are unsure, please contact your bank for assistance.

How long does it take for the payment to go through?
If the funds are available, the money goes through right then and there. No hassle.

What happens if I need a refund?

Contact the merchant you originally bought from.  They can refund you and you’ll receive the money back into your bank account immediately. 
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