Kudos KPI - Cloud Reporting

Kudos KPI

Kudos KPI – a cloud based utility that provides access to critical management information on mobile devices such as ipad/tablet and smartphone.

Just like your POS systems talk to your Counter Intelligence Office system so does Kudos KPI providing you with easy access 24/7.

Also there are some neat features for use on the sales floor to provide the edge in customer care.

On the spot stock information

Stocka availabilityDo we have stock of an item the customer asks? – don’t break the conversation to go to a physical POS unit to find out - use an ipad/tablet or smartphone on the sales floor to make a quick enquiry on the stock status.

Exceptional Customer Service

Stock AvailabilityLook up customer buying history when interacting with them on the sales floor – what did they purchase last time, preferences sizes etc.

Drive your business through the dashboard

  • Best Selling
  • Top 5 Stock Groups
  • Sales performance by hour
  • Sales performance by period
  • Salespersons Statistics
  • Best Day/Average Day/Visitors
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