Kudos KPI

Kudos KPI

Kudos KPI is a cloud-based utility that provides the user with access to critical management information on any of their internet capable devices such as a Tablet, Smartphone or Desktop Computer.

Just like your POS systems talk to your Counter Intelligence Office system, so does Kudos KPI. This provides you live sales and stock information anywhere, anytime.

There are some neat features for use on the sales floor to provide
an edge in customer care.

'On The Spot' Stock Information

Stocka availability
A customer asks "Do you have stock of this?”, quickly and easily look up the item in Kudos KPI to retrieve a live up to date stock figure. This can be done on the spot on any device without breaking away from the conversation.

Exceptional Customer Service

Stock Availability
Easily look up a customers purchase history on the spot with your device while interacting with the customer – quickly identify their preferred colours, sizes, brands etc. to better help them with their purchase.

Drive Your Business Through The Dashboard

DashboardGain quick access to information such as:
-      Units/Revenue/Cost/Profit
-      Top 10 Stock Groups/Products
-      Sales Performance by Hour/Period
-      Salesperson Statistics
-      Best Day/Average Day/Visitors

KPI Report
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