Windcave Payments


Hosted Payment Page


Cloud-based. Platform-independent. More accessible.

Using only the HTTPS protocol, the Hosted Payment Page (HPP) provides customers with a convenient, web-based, ecommerce solution and requires no additional Windcave software or SSL certificate. The Hosted Payment Page is setup with a create session message using JSON and HTTPS POST request sent to the Windcave REST API.

For additional information on the transaction flow, please refer to the HPP integration guide.

Security and compliance.

Redirecting users to a Hosted Payment Page reduces a merchant’s exposure to sensitive financial data. This solution is fully PCI-DSS compliant and boasts end-to-end encryption, CVV2, 3DSecure, and reCAPTCHA technologies. Offering added security and enhanced fraud prevention, the Windcave Risk Management module is an optional add on to your payment solution.






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