Overview The Counter Intelligence to Shopify interface allows an easy way of bi directional updating of information between the systems.

Kudos KCloud acts as the messenger between the two systems and will automatically sense and send information. This makes running your Shopify Website with your Counter Intelligence a breeze.

What gets sent?Outward

  • Customers
  • Products
  • Inventory
  • Branches
  • Customers
  • Invoices
  • Credit Notes


ProductsIn Counter Intelligence you can specify if a product is to be active on your Shopify site by marking it as being internet active. This will then trigger the product to be sent to Shopify where it can be further enhanced with text and images.

Information sent in this interaction is:

    • Style
    • Colour/Size (variants)
    • Description
    • Stock Group Category
    • Brand
    • Retail Price
    • Sale Price (if exists)
    • Information Tabs
    • Other fields may also we sent into metafields. For a full it of fields please contact the Kudos Help Desk.

The above interaction will result in a webhook ID which thereafter is used as the link between Shopify and Counter Intelligence.


InventoryAs inventory is adjusted in your Counter Intelligence system from POS sales, deliveries etc it will periodically update the website in much the same manner as it updates a POS units database.

Website OrdersBecause Shopify has its own order confirmation cycle this has not been replicated in Counter Intelligence. When the order is fulfilled in Shopify it will then be sent to Counter Intelligence. If the customer is new they will be added into Counter Intelligence and a fully paid invoice will be loaded. This will specify all of the product items sold and adjust their stock on hand which will then be notified to the website and other POS units running in your network.

Setting Up Request a Shopify interaction setup via the Kudos Help Desk.

Counter Intelligence Requirements Version 11 Build 514 or greater.

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