Customers are at the core of e-retailer and the name and address and preferential loyalty information may be updated in Counter Intelligence, the physical store or the on-line e-retailer store. This makes to easy to keep everything coordinated in one database.

When a customer shops in a physical store and gains loyalty points they may check on-line when they reach home and see their accumulated points – and better still they can use them to purchase online!

New customers may sign up online and elect to become part of your customer loyalty programme.

And the system is super friendly – so next time the customer logs on we can recognize them instantly and welcome them back to our website!

The Interrogator Reporting module in the Counter Intelligence CMS

provides extensive reporting on the buying habits and patterns of all customers. Selective marketing may be generated based on criteria such as shopping frequency, average spend, total spend, product category, brand, season or individual product. Outputa may then be passed to email or SMS marketing channels.


In this modern age of retailing it is important that you begin to understand the demographic of your customer base as each will respond differently to the channels of phone, direct mail, email, social media and SMS messaging. Typically a "Baby Boomer” may respond to email but not be appreciative of receiving a text while a Generation "Y” is unlikely to regularly check emails but would be most receptive to a text or facebook contact. We suggest that when you are collecting customer information that the customer identifies the preferred method of contact – then you don’t have to ask their age and they have given you express permission for this method of contact.


More on email marketing

Kudos have partnered with MailChimp to provide an extensive email marketing facility with leading edge innovations such as voice/audio attachments to emails and links to social networking.

MailChimp offers many valuable sources for learning the techniques in building a successful emailing campaign. An extensive range of templates makes it simpler for you to design and activate a campaign.

For more information please refer to the MailChimp website at

Pricing for MailChimp is:

Emails $NZD
300 $15
1000 $60
2000 $120
5000 $200
7500 $300
10000 $400

More about SMS marketing

Break through advertising clutter using mobile Short Messaging Service marketing.

This technique provides immediate results via SMS text message marketing to your target audience. Catch your clients right at their cell phones. It reaches customers on the go, allowing them to get, or send, information, buy your new product or promotion, enter contests or receive coupons instantaneously.

It is cheap, it is easy to use, set up takes only minutes and it is a solution for all companies, small or big.

The SMSS system
- Send bulk or single text messages to any mobile phone.
- Choose a unique keyword for your business/ product/ service.
- Set up a text reply message to be sent immediately to the customer
who messages your keyword to 4474.
- Add the short code 4474 and your keyword to your marketing material.
- Customers interested about your product/ service or advertisement sms your keyword to: 4474.
- The SMSS system instantly returns your reply message to your customer, which acknowledges their sms and provides instant customer care and information.
- The SMSS system simultaneously dispatches an email and/or sms to you with the customer`s contact number, exact message, date and time of the text message sent.
- The SMSS system places each mobile number in a legal database for your business.
- SMSS provides your business with a free sms-credit for every sms received, to be used anyway you want, whether it's for marketing, customer care or information.
- Keywords are easy to remember, sms's are easy to send and The SMSS system operates at your customer`s convenience, 24/7.
- The SMSS system is a sms based leads communication system operating for your business 24/7 - it`s your own full time call centre.

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