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Overview The Kudos Cloud Interaction service connects a Magento 2 website with the Counter Intelligence Office database to synch data between the two applications.

The Cloud services will be set to interact on an agreed frequency – e.g. every 15 minutes.
This interaction is managed on the Kudos Cloud Servers and will run continuously unattended.

Whilst Counter Intelligence has the inherent ability to store web specific information for its own e-retailer sites this is not implemented in the Magento 2 interface as the intent is to carry across basic product information to Magento 2 and then maintain the short descriptions, long descriptions, and other web attributes within Magento 2.

There are two fields within the e-retailer section of Counter Intelligence that are used:

  • Internet Active – this will control a product being sent to Magento 2.
  • Categories – this will control what category the product is displayed in Magento 2.

Magento 2 to Counter Intelligence

    • New customers created in Magento 2 get added in the Counter Intelligence Office database as part of receiving an invoice or credit note.
    • When an order is invoiced on the Magento site an invoice is created in the Counter Intelligence database and a payment recorded against the customers account
    Credit Notes
    • New credit notes created are pulled into the Counter Intelligence Office database as a credit note and a refund recorded against the customer’s account.


    Counter Intelligence to Magento 2

      Product Information
      • The following product fields are pushed to Magento 2:
          • Product Code
          • Product Description
          • Product Internet Category
          • Product Internet Long Description
          • Product Colour (if exists)
          • Product Size (if exists)
          • Product Retail Price
          • Product Sale Price
          • Product Images

          Stock on Hand
          • The stock holding from the Counter Intelligence Office database is uploaded to Magento 2 at a nominated frequency.
      Price Changes
      • Any price changes are pushed from Counter Intelligence to Magento 2.


      Setting Up Request a Magento 2 interaction setup via the Kudos Help Desk.

      The Kudos Cloud Interaction Service has been designed and tested using Magento version 2.4.2.

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