Frequently Asked Questions

Can e-retailer download web site orders back into Counter Intelligence Office?

Yes, e-Retailer is fully integrated with  Counter Intelligence Office, which features real-time communications between the back office computer, the web store and all POS machines. This means you will be able to have customers log in to your web site, or join a frequent-shoppers programme, and all orders will instantly be downloaded back to your back office or head office computer, ready for processing, invoicing and despatch. 

What can I customize?

The e-Retailer Content Management System will allow Complete Customisation, including, but not limited to: Menu Content, the web site logo, Category and products Display details, including Search Engine Optimisation, additional Information Tabs, additional HTML page content, Page positioning and sequence, Promotion Panels, External Links, Recently Viewed, Others have purchased, Shipping rates, Customer emails, to name just a few. The colour schemes can be customized and unlimited content (including images) can be added. Visual content is customized via simple Cascading Style Sheets. 

What else do I need to do to get my web shop up and running?

You need: 

•  A domain name.

•  Web hosting with, which has unlimited transaction processing, and a secure credit card processing service,which costs from $175 per month. (Note: additional credit card merchant account and transaction processing charges may apply.)

•  Correctly formatted JPEG images of your products.

Do I need a professional web developer to set up my store?

Yes. You will need some assistance with colour schemes or learning how to create correctly-formatted digital images of your products. You will also need assistance formatting into HTML additional content for your web site, but this assistance will be far less than the assistance you would need creating a site without using e-Retailer . 

I already have a domain name registered, can I use it?

Yes, and it doesn't matter who your domain name is registered with. However, as the web site hosting must be with, it is necessary to have your current ISP point the DNS A Record to 

I already have a web site, can I use it as a basis for my e-Retailer web site?

Yes and no. Your e-Retailer web site is created from scratch by the eRetailer Content Management System, and Counter Intelligence Office.(and must be hosted on the server), but you can certainly re-use branding elements (like logos and the colour-scheme) and content.

I already have a web site, can I integrate it into Counter Intelligence?

We do not recommend this approach as it is not future proofed, and is prone to human error.

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