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We are able to source a diverse range of POS devices from the Microsoft Surface through to purpose built POS devices.

This facility allows stocktaking on Kudos approved Android devices – currently the Honeywell EDA50 and EDA51

Kudos Skandroid   allows you to download the stock file from CI for verification during the scanning process.  

Communications between your PC and the Android device may be via wireless  connection or by file download. An option exists for scanning the stocktake without having a product file loaded for verification purposes.

Uploading the stocktake data from the Android device back to your PC can be either by wireless or file upload. 

Kudos Skandroid  provides an easy interface to allow you to quickly scan barcodes during the stocktaking process.

Additionally the application can be used for stock enquiry and branch transfers.

Call to discuss any special stock taking questions you may have.

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